What in the World Is a Catio?

Learn about catios and keeping outdoor cats inside.

Have you heard of a catio? It's an enclosed outdoor space that keeps your cat from escaping and also keeps dangers out. It might be a great alternative to letting your cat go outside.

Why Shouldn't Cats Go Outside?

Going outside is dangerous for cats, and outdoor cats have shorter life spans in general than indoor cats do. Some of the dangers that make going outside treacherous for cats include:

Also, outdoor cats can create problems between neighbors when a kitty is urinating or defecating on items or in flower gardens or when they are negatively affecting the local bird population.

But What If Your Cat Loves Going Outside?

Many cats love going outside, and it can be a difficult transition to get them used to staying in. In fact, it can cause stress and its related negative behaviors like scratching or urinating inappropriately. Still, there are ways to ease the transition so your cat will be happy inside where he's safer. Here are some things to do:

You can make the transition slowly or abruptly. Give some thought before you begin as to which you think would work better for you and your cat. Sometimes slowly keeping them inside more works because they don't notice the transition as much. Other times, making the change quickly works best.

You can also try to teach your cat to walk on a harness and leash. Start by getting him used to wearing the harness inside under your supervision for short times. Then attach the leash and practice. If he's doing well, take him outside for short periods. This can be an excellent alternative to going out unsupervised for many cats, and it also helps bond the two of you.

How Can a Catio Help Keep Your Cat Inside?

A catio is an outside enclosure for a cat. It's a cat patio! You can build one yourself or buy one. They can fit almost any space that you have to work with. Here are some of the things to think about and look for when you are designing and building or buying a catio:

A catio can be a great way to keep a cat happy while making sure he's safe from dangers that exist outside.

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